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Our Story

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Creating Our Natural Products

Making the best natural personal care products on the market presents special challenges that require special training, processes and care to overcome. It is more difficult to make natural products than ones that are synthetic. And making products that meet or exceed the performance of those products, while meeting or exceeding the expectations of our consumers is even tougher. But we're up for the challenge.

Burts Bees research chemistEvery day, we work to develop truly natural products that are wonderfully effective in cleansing and moisturizing your skin and hair, and minimize the environment impact. Our chemists are trained in the traditional fields of chemistry and botany with special learning and expertise in the area of natural personal care. They are continually seeking out new techniques and ingredients to ensure the products we sell meet the highest standards.

Exceeding your expectations is one key area of research and development. Our chemists have found natural alternatives for ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, the chemical that gives synthetic shampoos and body washes a foamy lather. We use a combination of coconut oil and cornstarch to produce the same effect because it's natural and without the environmental impact. Likewise, we are consistently looking for ways to create the best texture, lather, creaminess, glossiness, rinsing, flavor, color and fragrance in our products, leveraging natural ingredients and technologies.

Burts Bees new techniquesWe are hard at work meeting challenges that come along with creating natural products like product stability and shelf life. When using natural emulsifiers, it can be difficult to make sure that the product does not separate. Essential oils can sometimes cause base formulas to fail. Additionally, natural preservatives in products are more delicate than synthetics and can break down with temperature changes during shipping. So the science behind our products is critical to ensure they will arrive to you in the best condition.

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Making Truly Natural Products

Burts Bees Research & Development Our R&D team develops the best natural products by leveraging the latest information and their expertise.