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Our Story

Our Culture

We care.

Burts Bees cultureWe've worked hard to create products that are honest and authentic, just like us. They reflect the culture that really exists within our walls — not flashy or fancy, but highly dedicated to doing the right thing for our brand and our loyal consumers. Burt's Bees is a company that cares about its consumers, the environment and the community and, equally as important, we care about each other.

We Care about The Greater GoodThis culture of caring drives our core values of steadfast commitment to The Greater Good, harmonious tension, passionate teamwork and embracing change. It also drives our everyday behaviors and activities. In the stewardship of our brand and the environment, we set high standards, build for the future and never compromise quality. We are dedicated to a debate and decide process, where we confront issues head on, challenge each other constructively and resolve issues amicably. We embrace a can-do attitude where we all roll up our sleeves to pitch in and take ownership, break the mold and celebrate action. And an incredible passion for people exists here, where we always give others the benefit of the doubt, celebrate excellence every day and invest in our growth.

Our culture of caring also influences how we re-inforce our values through our commitment to health and the environment, our development and recruiting activities, how we measure and reward employees' performance and how we communicate and celebrate our achievements.

ECOBEES corporate sustainabilityYeah, we're a little quirky. We have an extremely diverse group in experience, backgrounds and ways of working, which makes for an engaging and positively challenging environment. People feel free to express and be themselves around here, which makes for very few dull moments.

We are a very fast-paced, nimble company that, because of our size and entrepreneurial spirit, is able to get things done very quickly.

Sustainability Within Our Walls

We're always looking for opportunities to express our values and vision in ways that reach beyond our day-to-day work of creating the best natural personal care products available. One of our most important initiatives to this end is ECOBEES (Environmentally Conscious Organization Bringing Ecologically Empowered Solutions).

As a company, we have set clear sustainability goals to reduce our impact on the environment. Our ECOBEES is a group of volunteer employees that helps to develop company-wide initiatives that both educate and implement our sustainability goals, including recycling and efficiency programs.

To kick off its efforts, the ECOBEES team crafted a "sustainable manifesto" for each employee to follow. Our President and CEO, John Replogle, also gave each employee a copy of It's Easy Being Green, by Crissy Trask, to further educate on the benefits — and the ease — of living green at work and at home.

Spreading the Word Outside Our Walls

While our employees are working on making this the best company it can be, they're also working to share our values with and give back to the community around us. Recent initiatives include helping Habitat for Humanity build the first Earth-friendly affordable housing in North Carolina and helping to raise money to help keep kids in our state in school by sending our very own rock band, The Beemones, to participate in (and win) the 2007 Triangle Battle of the Bands. You can read more about these and other initiatives in our Community section.

What It's Like to Work Here

We're a diverse, fun, and hard-working group dedicated to creating the best natural personal care products.

Making Truly Natural Products

Burts Bees Research & Development Our R&D team develops the best natural products by leveraging the latest information and their expertise.